How to format a text before importing it into Write

StreetLib Write allows you to upload your book in different formats (.doc, .docx, .odt) and then convert it into an ebook and/or create your own paginated paper version

Below you'll find some guidelines to follow to format the text before importing it into Write. 

PLEASE NOTE. These tips are also useful if you intend to create your project from copy/paste. 

Use consistent styles throughout the book

In the writing of the book, we recommend using the same styles for the various types of content and elements. Remember:

  • do not change the default font size
  • do not use different font sizes for the same content and element types
  • do not use particular fonts (Write will apply its fonts depending on the chosen theme)
  • if your book is written in an alphabet other than Latin (eg. in Greek), do not use special fonts or characters, but write directly according to that alphabet.
  • set the document encoding to UTF-8.

Use your editor correctly

In the stylistic formatting of your book, it is important to use the tools and settings of the text editor you are using (Word, OpenOffice).

Here are some examples:

  • To align the text, use the appropriate alignment controls in the toolbar

  • To start a new line use the appropriate “Enter” key on the keyboard. DO NOT use spaces to wrap the text or to space out paragraphs.
  • Do not use Indentation because Write will apply automatic spacing depending on the chosen theme. You can then modify it according to your needs through Write editor.
  • Apply font styles such as bold, italic, and underscore to characterize a word or an appropriate or contextual phrase of a specific semantic value: we suggest using bold to identify chapter/paragraph titles, for example.

Notes and tables

Insert notes and tables into your document using the special functions in the text editor you are using, so that these can be stored as recognizable information by Write.

  • To create a note, you need to select the word to which the note will be applied, then click on the “Insert” command from the main menu (OpenOffice) and select “Footnote”.
  • To insert a table, place the table where you want it to appear and click "Insert" or use the appropriate Table icon in the main menu.

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