Create a pdf for printing

Please note: To create the paper version of your book, you need to create a base book, as if you wanted to create a reflowable ebook. This should be done from a text file and NOT a PDF (which results in poor quality files and will result in your pdf being rejected).


From the My books in Write, click on "Print Versions" next to the relevant book:

Then, you will arrive on the "Print Settings" page, where you can:

- Choose the style and format. StreetLib Print supports all the formats provided by Write, as well as a few others.

- Upload a cover, if you have one, by clicking on "Edit Cover" 

- Set/define primary information: the ISBN if you have one (check out our article on ISBNs for more information), the category, the theme

- Add author info: you can upload a photo and insert a short biography. This will appear on the back cover:


After completing the "Print Settings" page, you can download the file, or create, customize or change your cover (please be sure to follow our cover guidelines).

Finally, remember that you can create multiple paper versions for each book. You will find them in the "Print revisions" section.

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