Create an FXL from a PDF

If you already have a PDF of your whole fixed layout book ready, you can use our import feature.

In your StreetLib Write account's homepage click on "Create a new book".

Import the PDF file clicking on "Upload file" 

NOTA BENE: the imported PDF should be set to single-page, and not double-page
Screen_shot_2017-09-25_at_11.28.57.pngAnd please be patient while the tool uploads the entire file.

You'll then have to choose the book type to create among "Basic Fixed Layout book", "Comic book" and "Children book".
Select the relevant type for you depending on its features and click on "continue importing"

If you are choosing the Children's book editor (will be available in other editors too) you'll have the option to import the pages as images or as text and images.


What's the difference?

* If you choose import pages as images, you won't be able to edit the content of the pages (add some, yes, but not edit the existing); The overall quality of the image will be better though.

* If you choose import pages as text and images, the text on your PDF file will be interpretated as such on the importation and you'll be able to edit and change it on the editor. Potentially, images imported that way can loose a bit of quality.

Make your choice and click on "Continue importing" and please wait. A few minutes will be needed as a lot of work needs to be done on the uploaded PDF.

Once the process over, StreetLib will show you a preview of the pages created. You can delete the page(s) you don't want on the eBook by unchecking them.
Finally choose whether the first page of the book should be used as a cover, and click on "Import".
Conclude the importation by inserting the title and author's name and clicking on "finish".

You're done! You'll find your book ready in StreetLib Write's editor (read here to find out about the editor's features).

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