The Book tab: how to fill it

The article tab section contains information about the metadata of your ebook. Some of them will be included in your ebook file once downloaded, others will be useful for publishing.

Main information

In this section you should indicate the metadata of your ebook, then title, possible subtitle, Author Name, year of publication, publisher, language, ISBN (if available) and synopsis of the book.

The Cover

By clicking on "Create cover", Write allows you to:

  • Upload a ready-made cover file. In this case we suggest uploading a file in .jpg format or a minimum size .png file 1875*2500. 
  • Create a custom cover. By choosing this option you will have an editor that will allow you to freely design and customize your cover.


This section allows you to manage some specific technical features, such as:

  • managing sub-chapters (if created) as included or separate content. Note: the included sub-chapters do not support notes.
  • position of the index and thanks
  • text and Page direction. 

The theme

To choose the graphic theme click on "Change theme". SL Write will show you all the graphic themes available with information related to the type of book for which each theme is recommended.

The graphic themes have been designed by our technicians in order to comply with the standards required by the international body IDPF (, to ensure the absolute best readability on all devices and to avoid problems with store distribution. 

The graphic themes can be customized, you can find more details in this article.


From the Actions section you can manage several operations:

  • Export book, Disable book, Delete book
  • Share book, to share your book project with a collaborator
  • Correction numbering of notes. By clicking on "Note numbering correction" the program analyzes all the links to the notes and all the text of the notes and performs a normalization of the note numbers (both in the link and in the note). This feature is particularly useful in the case of books with many notes. With books like this, it is possible for the author or publisher to move or delete notes in the editor, and thus for the numbering to skip throughout the editing phase. Through this button of auto-correction of the number of notes the problem is solved.

Other information

In this section, you will find relative information such as date of creation and last modification of the project, and the storage space occupied by the contents of the project.

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