Change property settings: book, pages and frames

You can customize your book's settings thanks to StreetLib Write, working on the properties of the whole book, the page (read about these tools here) and the frame (text or panel). Here is how:

  1. If you are importing a book as Comic book, you'll get to the editor specifically designed for Comic book which supports the panel "framing". It's not a text frame but it will allow the Popup view of the panel thus framed.

To do so, click on "+" and select the panels; They will this way be visualized as Popups on Kindle and/or iBooks.


  1. If you are importing a book as Children's book, the specific editor will open and allow you to add text frames and create and edit text there.

NB When you are importing a Children's book you can choose to import from your PDF as images of as HTML. You'll be able to add text frames in any case but the HTML option only will allow text recognition from your original PDF, creating text frames where there is text on your PDF.


* If you are importing as HTML you are allowing other text features like text search, selection, etc. as you have on reflowable books. Whereas importing as image will render the PDF content as images (text included).


  1. If you are importing a book as Basic Fixed Layout, you won't be able to add elements on the editor but only to set the book's and pages' properties.

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