How to create a PDF file ready to print

Please note. To create the paper version of your book, you will first need to make your ebook reflowable by uploading a text file – for example, a .doc file, not a .pdf. 
Once the ebook text file is created, go to the page My books, select the book and click on the button " Paper Versions", then indicate your preferences, as shown in the following screenshots:
1. Choose the style of your book
2. Choose the finish of the cover (matte or glossy)
3. Choose the printing format
The printing format* is fundamental and affects the number of pages of your book. If you have written a full-bodied book, we do not recommend using small formats, such as the 115x190 mm – this is more suitable for books up to 200 pages, and poetry books. The most used formats are the following:
  • The classic A5 (148x210 mm) is mainly used for fiction
  • The 152x228 mm is often used for fiction and non-fiction
  • The 170x240 mm is often used for manuals, school books, and essays
( * ) SL Write does not support all available printing formats. If you have different printing needs, you can distribute your book with StreetLib using other layout editors for printing (such as Word, InDesign, etc...), while maintaining all technical specifications required to make the file suitable for our printers.
4. Choose the graphic theme
Once you have created your paper version for the inside of the book, just click on "Calculate" in the Main Information section and the system will count the number of pages your book will have based on the chosen format and theme options.

Main info

Here is a brief overview of the sections for your paper version:

About the author

In this section, you can insert the author's photo and a short biography to be displayed on your back cover.

Graphic customization

We recommend using default settings, which are the most suitable for the graphic structure of a paper book; however, it is always possible to make changes to the font size, line spacing, margins, and more, at any time. Of course, each change will affect the structure of the book and consequently the number of pages in the PDF.


You can change the chosen book theme by clicking on "Change theme" and choosing a new template. As mentioned, the new theme affects the entire structure of the book and therefore the number of pages in the PDF.

Advanced settings

An improved and higher-performance rendering version 2.0 is set by default.
Once you have created and optimized the paper version, you can proceed to create the cover following these instructions.
Please remember that you can create multiple paper versions for each book, and will always find them saved in the "Paper Versions" section. You can also download the PDF for publication as many times as you want by clicking at the top right on Download > PDF Book. For more information about this topic, it is useful to read our article about Credits Operation in Write.

If you need help on how to use Write, please contact us directly at; if you prefer that we take care of your layout for you, please take a look at our book publishing bundle.

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