What credits in Write are for

The credit system in StreetLib Write is needed to regulate the generation of PDFs for print editions and their download. Each time a PDF is generated and downloaded from a Write project, a credit is deducted. The PDF generation occurs every time you make a change to the project and start the download in this format.

Each plan provides for a specific number of credits:

  • Free plan > 3 credits per month *
  • Premium plan > 5 credits per month *
  • Unlimited plan > unlimited credits

* Credits renew at the beginning of the month up to the maximum credit limit set for each plan.

PLEASE NOTE. Credits are only deducted following the generation of a new PDF. Once generated, the same PDF can be downloaded indefinitely without reducing any credit.

Do you need to download a PDF to check a change you just made but don't want to deduct credits?

If you have made some changes to your project and want to check the performance in the PDF, you do not need to download the whole book: you can download only the extract (or extracts) of the chapters you need to check. You can download an extract as many times as you want without consuming any credit.

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