How to validate an ePub


To be distributed in the stores of our distribution network, your ePub ebook must be valid from a structural point of view. According to the IDPF guidelines, an ebook in ePub format must be validated using the software EPubCheck.

Distributing an ePub file according to IDPF guidelines, guarantee the maximum compatibility with distribution platforms and e-reading devices plus a good user experience.

The software can be downloaded from the site Page or you can check your ePub file from our distribution platform Hub.
To verify the validity of your ePub file using Hub, follow the standard procedure to create the article tab and upload the file in the Content section. If the file does not pass the software check, you will see an error message in the article tab stating that the structure of the file is not valid.

You can verify the error type by clicking on the "i" symbol that you'll find in the "Formats" section, next to the uploaded file:
When clicking on "i", you will see the following screen from which you can download a csv file with a report of the error:

How to fix an ePub file that does not exceed EPubCheck?

You can fix an ePub file that does not exceed EPubCheck by choosing one of the following 3 options:

1) Correct the error directly in the program that you used to create the ePub file - you need to be familiar with CSS and HTML codes;

2) Recreate the ePub from scratch. We suggest you use StreetLib Write, our subscription platform where you can create ebooks and valid ePub files. With Write, you can create both reflowable ebooks and fixed layout ebooks;

3) Buy the ePub correction service from our e-Commerce StreetLib Ready for only €19.Once you have the correct file, you will NOT need to create a new article tab but you will have to add the file to the existing article tab, under the Content section.

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