Subscription plans and storage space

Write offers three different subscription plans. Your choice of plan depends on the tools and storage space you need.

To make it easier for you to select the plan that best matches your needs, we’ve created a pricing page where you'll find the details of each plan, including costs, savings, the number of books you can have, memory limits, and what features are included.

Choose your plan, fill out the billing profile, decide how you want to pay (PayPal or credit card) and activate the service.

You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually, with a discounted price for annual subscriptions. All subscription plans are automatically renewed.

How can you change plan?

You can manage your subscription plan from the Profile section of your personal area:

-        Click on the "User plan" tab

-        Then click "Change"

-        Select your preferred plan by clicking on "Get Started".

Do you want to suspend your subscription? To do this you need to switch to the "Free" plan.

Please note: in the event of a plan downgrade, the lower plan will only activate when your current plan expires.

Storage space

Each plan has a specific storage space that is equal to the amount of memory available for your projects. When you switch to a lower subscription plan, the space provided for that plan might not be enough to manage all your projects.

In this case, you can proceed in two ways:

-        you can export your Write projects or download your paginated ebooks/PDFs, and then delete the project(s) from your workspace

-        or you can disable one or more projects by archiving them (only with Premium and Unlimited plans). The disabled books will not be deleted but saved, so you can reactivate them in the future.

You can find all details about the available storage space in the section Profile > User Plan of your personal area.

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