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ATTENTION. All accounts created on or after July 7 will have access to the new front end of our publishing app, so they will need to follow a slightly different procedure. We are preparing new FAQs and new video tutorials. In the meantime, if you have any doubts or questions about the new interface for publishing your content, do not hesitate to write to us.

First, please make sure that your ebook file is valid and that it contains the cover .

When you are ready to publish your book, go on the Publish homepage, click on the “New Ebook” button, and upload your ebook file.


You’ll be directed to the book’s publishing page, where you’ll be able to enter the metadata and upload the outer cover.

Let’s look in detail at all the options and our recommendations:


  • “Available” box: tick this box if you want your book to be sent to stores and go live within 24-72 hours (depends on each store). If you don’t want to put your book on sale right away, simply untick the box.
  • User rights and Public domain: we need this information to create your invoice and provide stores with the correct information. For instance, some stores like Google Play do not publish books with expired copyrights. We thus use the “public domain” flag to filter which books to send them. Similarly, tax on your royalties may differ if you are the book’s author of a book or publishing someone else’s book. It is therefore important that you provide us with accurate information.


  • Summary: you must give an accurate description of your book that shouldn’t repeat what is already said in the metadata. Also be sure to avoid unnecessary information, such as price or retailer links. (The above is a good sample of a summary for Moby Dick).
  • Keywords: add a few RELEVANT keywords.
  • Print publicationif a printed version of your book already exists, you can provide the details here. We’ll pass this on to the stores, who will then decide whether to link the digital and print versions of your book.


  • Collections/series: indicate whether your book is part of a series or collection. To do so, you must first create a series within Publish.
  • Formatssee our list of accepted formats.
  • Authors: search for an author’s (or authors’) name. Keep it to a single author per author field. If the author is new to our platform, simply click on the + to add it. 


  • Cover: make sure that your cover follows these guidelines.
  • Categories: only add categories that are relevant to your book. Make sure that you don't choose conflicting categories. For example, Fiction books cannot also have non-fiction BISACs assigned (for example: RELIGION), and non-fiction books should not have fiction BISACs. 


  • Adult content: this is very important as it ensures we correctly follow each store’s guidelines for erotic content. Please see our help center article for more information.
  • Languageenter the language of your book as a 2-letter code (you must refer to ISO 639-1).


  • Sales data: choose when you people to be able to purchase (“Publication”) and download (“Start sale”) your book. Find out more in our help center. You can also set an “End date” if you want to take your book off sale on a certain date.
  • Enable rent: if you check this box, we will tell the stores you pick (if applicable) that your book may be both sold and rented. Check out our website for a list of stores that lend books.
  • Prices: you can use one of our recommended prices or enter your own. The recommended prices correspond to those provided on most major stores. Our system will automatically convert your price into all the available currencies. Tick the “Increase wholesale prices” box if you want your price to be adjusted as explained here.
  • Stores: choose where to sell your book. Our website contains a full list of the stores we distribute to. This is where you can also customize the price for each store and currency.


  • Sales rights: choose in which countries you want to sell your book. If you are publishing a public domain book, remember to check where it can be sold.
  • Protection: choose between DRM Adobe, Watermark, no protection. We usually suggest you use Watermark instead of DRM Adobe. Readers will thank you :) You can find out more about DRM in the blog post by Giacomo D’Angelo, StreetLib USA CEO.

Click ENTER to publish your book. And you are done!

You’ll find your book on the Publish homepage, and you’ll be able to update it whenever you like. 

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