Everything to do with billing can be found in the Billing section, accessible from the left-hand menu in the StreetLib dashboard.
To be able to issue an invoice or receipt for your earnings, you must have a valid billing profile.

How to approve your invoice

An invoice will be issued as soon as the total earnings reach the threshold.
Depending on your country and your payment method, the payment can be issued monthly (if you live in the USA or Canada) or quarterly (if you live outside the USA or Canada).
There are two type of invoices:

  • Draft: when a new invoice document pending approval is issued, it's available under “Invoice archive > Draft” in the “Billing” section of your dashboard; in order to approve the draft, you must click on it, enter the date and invoice number from your accounts and click on "Confirm" on the right of the page. The document number and the date must be the same as those in your bookkeeping.

When the invoice is issued

Billing is quarterly for SL_IT users (if you live in US or Canada, please read this article). At the end of each quarter, if you have reached the minimum amount with the accrued earnings equivalent to REAL sales - that is, actually invoiced by the stores - a draft invoice will be issued accompanied by an analytical sales document.

Usually, the draft is issued around the 5th of the month following the end of the quarter (eg the draft of the first quarter January-March of the year will be visible around April 5, and so on).

Each quarter, if you have reached the minimum amount, you will find the pre-filled draft receipt to be approved in the Billing invoice archive section of your account. You will have to open the document and click on “Confirm” to approve the receipt which will then go to accounting. You don't need to make any changes to the receipt number or the date you already find in the draft.

N.B. Once approved, the receipt will be associated with the payment method set up in your billing profile. It will not be possible to associate the receipt with a different payment method later on. Before confirming the receipt, therefore, we recommend that you check the payment method chosen and the threshold for that method: find more information in this article.


  • The draft invoices are generated on a quarterly basis and only if during the quarter the net € 30 is reached with the total earnings;
  • For the quarter for which the draft is not generated, it is still possible to get an idea of your sales through Analytics;
  • In a single invoice are included the earnings of REAL sales (therefore actually invoiced by the bookstores) of the ebook, audiobook and paper editions;
  • Once an invoice has been approved, it will be visible in the Billing invoice archive > Sale section of your account and will be paid in the manner you can read in this article.

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