Everything to do with billing can be found in the Billing section, accessible from the left-hand menu in the StreetLib dashboard.


Let's take a look at a couple of sections separately.


This is an important area. You must create a billing profile and complete our Tax Information Interview otherwise you may encounter problems with billing and payments. 


You can create multiple billing profiles, with one set as the default profile for sales invoices. If ever you need to choose a profile other than the default, simply open the invoice and select the profile you want in the top right-hand corner. Just make sure you have created the profile first.

Remember: once you've created a billing profile, and once you've generated at least one accounting document for that profile, you will not be able to modify the "Billing Details" information. However, you can always change the address and payment details.
If you do need to change it, for whatever reason, you will have to create a new billing profile, and set it as the default. This way, any future invoices / receipts will be linked to this new profile.

Delete a billing profile. Select the billing profile and click on the trash-icon that you will see appear at the top right. Please note: once approved an invoice with a specific billing profile, it can't be deleted. 

Payment methods

Here you can choose how to get paid. You can be paid:

  • via PayPal with a $10 threshold
  • via Payoneer with a $10 threshold
  • via SureRemit (more here)
  • via Bank Transfer (for US customers) with a $30 threshold.

You can save more than one payment method. Each Billing Profile can only have 1 selected payment account. One Payment Method can be linked to one or more Billing Profiles.


An invoice will be issued as soon as the total earnings reach:

$30 for payments by bank transfer, $5 for payments by Payoneer, $0 for payments by PayPal.

  • Pending invoices: here you’ll find all the invoices that need to be approved. To approve a pending invoice, click on the "V" to open the invoice, enter the document number and click on "Approve and send the document". The document number and the date must be the same as those in your bookkeeping.
  • Your invoices: Here you’ll find the invoices that have already been automatically approved. Check out our article to learn how to download a detailed report of these invoices.

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