Getting paid

Please note that the payment conditions below  only apply to publishers affiliated with StreetLib IT; click here if you live in US or Canada.

The approval of the invoice

To receive payment of the earnings from the sales of your books, the first operation to be carried out is the approval of the invoice. 

When a new invoice document pending approval is available under Invoice archive > Draft in the “Billing” section of your dashboard, in order to approve it, you must enter the date and invoice number from your accounts and click on "Confirm" on the right of the page.

Remember to approve each month's pending invoice on the first days of the following month (we will send an email to remind you when the invoice is generated). Payment will be made starting 60 days (end of the month) from the date the invoice is approved.

The thresholds for receiving payment

Furthermore, in order to receive the payment, it is necessary that the accrued amount has reached the minimum threshold according the Payment Method provided in your billing profile, that is:

  • €30 if the payment method chosen is PayPal (**)
  • €200 if the payment method chosen is SEPA bank transfer
  • €200 if the payment method chosen is International Bank Transfer (neither SEPA nor ABA)
For this reason, we will only issue the invoice once the payment method threshold you set has been reached. If you want to know how to manage your payment methods, click here.


  • In order for the draft invoice to be issued, you must have a valid billing profile.
  • (**) PayPal. If you decide to receive the earnings via PayPal, the commission foreseen on the PayPal payment will be counted and included directly in the draft invoice issued. This commission is equal to 2% of the amount paid up to a maximum of € 12.

Income tax statement

Every year StreetLib issues the income tax statements. You can find your document in your personal area, in the "documents" section on billing profile.

PLEASE NOTE. The income tax statements is issued only if payments have been made to you by StreetLib in the relevant year.

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