Export, disable, or delete a book

Once you create a new project in Write, it’s automatically saved in your personal workspace and you can choose to delete, export, or store it at any time.

To export, disable, or delete a book project, you must:

  • open the project and go to the section "Article” tab
  • click on the "Actions" tab and select the operation you want to perform:

Export a book

By clicking on "Export Book" you can export the entire Write project, including content and customization information. You’ll export a file with the extension ".backtypo" that you can only reopen by importing it back into Write. 

Once you export a project, it will still be saved in your Write area. To permanently delete it and free up storage space, you will need to use the "Delete" function. 

Disable a book

Please note: this feature is only available with Premium and Unlimited plans. By clicking on "Disable Book", your project will be archived: this means that it will no longer be available in your workspace and you won't be able to edit or download it. The project will be saved in the Write memory and you can enable it again at a later stage (according to the available storage space in your workspace). You can view your disabled projects by clicking "Manage" in your Write workspace. 

Delete a book

Clicking on "Delete Book" will permanently delete your project, so you can no longer access or recover it.

Please note: you can also delete a project by clicking directly on "Delete", which you can find in the project preview of your personal area:

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