Endnotes and footnotes

You can add both footnotes and endnotes do your books in StreetLib Write:

- Endnotes: to add a note at the end of a book, you need to click on "Notes" at the bottom of the side navigation bar.  Simply enter your text in the editor, and then return to the book by clicking on "Book" in the the side navigation bar. Now find the part of the text in your book you would like to link to your note. Highlight it, and then click on "Internal links" in the expanded toolbar. In the window that opens, click on Notes and select the relevant endnote;

- Footnotes: to add a footnote click on [1] in the expanded toolbar (as shown in the image) and write the note. Then highlight the part of the text you want to link to, click on "Internal links" in the expanded toolbar, select Footnotes and click on the relevant footnote.

Footnotes are indicated with small numbers, while endnotes are not.


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