How to create an ePub reflowable

To create your ePub, click on "Create a new book":

At this point you can choose to:

  • Upload the complete file of your book already saved to your computer or Google Drive
  • Create a new book by typing the text in the editor, or using the copy/paste function.

Upload Files

Use this function if you have the complete book in one of these formats: doc, docx, rtf, odt, formatted according to our specifications. It's also allowed to upload and edit ebook files in ePub and Mobi.

Once the upload in the desired mode is completed, SL Write will analyze the text and offer you the best possible structure based on the information from the formatting of the imported document: division into chapters, paragraphs, and so on. The result of the import is therefore closely related to the formatting of the imported text.

To complete the import, simply click on "Import".

ATTENTION. Write allows you to import PDF files. However, PDF import is only required for books that are rich in images or elements that require a fixed layout. Read this article to see if your book falls into these categories or if you need to upload a text file instead. 

Create a new book 

By clicking on "Create a new book" you can first choose what kind of book to create. The types that correspond to the ebook reflowable are "Basic", "Poetry" and "Kitchen".

For fiction or non-fiction books we recommend the "Basic" type, for poetry collections the "Poetry" type, and for recipe books the "Kitchen" type. To proceed you will have to enter the title and click on "Create".

After clicking on "Create" you will access the text editor, where you can type or copy and paste the text of the book, dividing it by chapters.

Watch the video below and follow the complete procedure to create your ePub with Write:


  • You won't have to add the pages with the index and colophon of the ebook because SL Write will automatically create them when downloading the file.
  • If you create ebooks in languages such as Chinese or Arabic that are not supported by ePub, Write will automatically create a reflowable ePub file.

Beware of hyphenation dashes. It may happen that, in the original document, some words go to the next line with the hyphen. When pasting text in StreetLib Write, in some cases hyphens are retained, in other cases, they are deleted (it depends on how this was handled in the source file from which you are copying the text). You have to be careful and delete them if necessary once the text has been pasted. Also, the word is broken in two whether the hyphen is retained or deleted. When previewing the book, it's easy to visually recognize the broken words, because they are underlined in red by the automatic correction tool. Simply locate them and manually merge the two parts of the broken word.

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