The new StreetLib Write: an overview

Welcome to StreetLib Write 4.0!


StreetLib Write continues to evolve, based on our goal of being a multi-format and multi-service platform able to meet the needs of publishers and independent authors worldwide.

StreetLib Write’s goal is to contribute to the circulation of books which are high quality from a technical point of view, while presenting an enjoyable and rewarding reading experience from a graphic point of view. StreetLib Write aims to offer an improved publishing and reading experience.

Write lets the user focus on their book’s contents. They do not need technical knowledge of ebooks and printing, pagination, formats and publishing requirements: that’s our job. Instead users can concentrate on customizing their books to create a professional product that is ready to be published immediately, compatible with all reading devices, and which meets international distribution standards, both digital and paper.

You can use Write to create a new book by typing directly in the text editor, or by importing a Word, OpenOffice, PDF or EPub file which you can update and complete by editing it inside the production environment offered by Write.
The StreetLib Write editor allows you to insert and edit content, apply text formatting, create lists, links, tables, as well as organize your book’s structure.

With StreetLib Write you can download ebook files in EPub and Mobi formats (both reflowable and fixed layout), and print-ready PDF files that can be distributed through the StreetLib Print service.

Write also provides a wide range of graphic themes to choose from, to give your book the look you want.
For an additional degree of customization, you can modify the rules of the graphic themes supplied by Write, as well as generate entirely new graphic themes for your books.

One section is dedicated to covers:
You can create a professional cover in a few steps: upload your cover image, then use Write’s easy tools to add text.
The cover editor is available for both ebooks and paper books. Write makes it easy to get the cover ready for printing by offering clear options to set the spine, margins, and other specific details.

We have improved existing features and added new ones, giving Write an even more usable and accessible layout, with new sections and tools to facilitate faster, more intuitive and aware management of your books.



Free, Premium and Unlimited

Write offers three different subscription plans to choose from based on the tools and space you need for your books.


Each subscription plan is available on a monthly basis. To save money, you can subscribe to the corresponding annual plan.

Change your plan whenever you want by switching to a lower or higher plan with a few clicks.

If you switch to a lower plan, it will become active only when your current plan expires, so you won’t lose any benefits.
Storage space is different for each plan, but don’t worry. If you switch to a lower plan with less storage space, you can disable some of the books you have created: simply access the book-management page. Write will show you the details of the storage space for each book, so you can decide which books to disable. (Remember, disabled books are still saved)
Disabled books will not disappear but are saved, so you can reactivate them any time you want.

On the Prices page we clearly show each plan’s details, including costs, savings, number of books and space storage limits, as well as included features. It is easy to select the plan that best suits your needs.

Choose your plan, complete the billing profile, including payment options, and activate. Start using StreetLib Write now. It is always accessible from the main dashboard of your StreetLib account.

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