What can you do with Write?

SL Write is a tool that has been designed to allow you to create your ebooks and paginate your printed editions with ease.

The use of Write doesn't require any technical knowledge: you can use Write to create a new book by writing directly in the text editor or by importing a file from Word, OpenOffice, PDF, or ePub that you can then update, correct, and complete within the production space offered by Write. The StreetLib Write editor will allow you to insert and edit the content, apply text formatting, create lists, links, tables, and organize the structure of the book.

With Write, you can also choose from a wide range of graphic themes so your book will look exactly how you imagined it. If you'd like to further customize the layout you can change the default settings of the graphic themes provided by Write, or generate entirely new graphic themes to apply to your books.

Once you have completed your project, you can easily obtain the ePub or PDF by clicking on "download" at the top right:

Already done? Well! Then you're ready to easily publish to HUB.
Find out here how to publish your ePub, these are the instructions for the paper version.

What formats can you get with Write?

ePub reflowable, mobi (for Kindle)

ePub FXL and KF8

Paginated PDF in different formats

Thanks to the growing theme of inclusiveness, we have finally introduced the functionality to control and/or create new fully accessible ePubs.
Here we explain how to create your accessible ePub file in an instant.

Write also provides a cover editor that you can use to create a professionally laid out cover in just a few steps: upload your cover image, write on it freely, work on the details if you wish.

The cover editor is available for both ebook and paperback versions; Write makes it easy to get a print-ready cover by giving you the ability to set spine, margins, back cover, and abundances.

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