Set a pre-order

It's easy, you have two options!

Option No. 1: Set a future sales date

When you publish your book on our platform, you can set the sales date to a day in the future. You'll see this feature in the form below when you publish a book:


- "Publication" is the day that the book will be visible and available to buy from the store.

- "Start sale" is the day the book will actually be released.

The period in between these two dates is therefore the pre-sale period. People will thus be able to order your book during this time, but will only receive it on the sale date.


Option No. 2: Preorders before book completion

Your second option is to set up your book page before your eBook file is ready for publication. This allows you to start promoting it beforehand and allows your readers to pre-order. However, this can only be done in some stores.

To do so, in the PUBLISH app and choose the option "pre-sales".


You'll see the usual book form to enter all the metadata and manage all the publication's settings. The only difference is that you don't need the ebook file to put the page online!

Your book will be available for pre-order on Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. You can set up a book page before providing the file up to 9 months in advance. You should provide the file (once ready) at least one week before the release date to make sure it's processed by all the stores in time.

NOTA BENE: Kobo and Apple don't support free preorders. 

A note about Kobo: If you set up pre-orders without immediately uploading the ePub file, you must let Kobo know so they can display it on their store. If this is the case, please write to and we will notify them. 

A note about Barnes & NobleB&N/Nook automatically makes all standard epub titles available as preorders 180 days prior to publication date regardless of whether they have an ePub file or not. Preorder sales are released to customers on the publication date and the pending sale closes then. 

A note about Google: they want the file to be uploaded as soon as possible. They often don't show the book without it. 

A note about Amazon: Amazon lists your book as available for preorder within 180 days of the official publication date. So, if you upload your book on May 1, and indicate June 15 as “Publication date,” Amazon will immediately list your book as available for preorder. In most cases, therefore, books are available for preorder through Amazon as soon as they are loaded.

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