Set a pre-order

To set the presale of an ebook it is necessary to set the Publication Date and the Sales Start Date so that the first is prior to the second.

The presale can also be set without uploading the ebook file.

Publication date and Sales start date can be managed from the "Distribution" section of the item's page:

  • The publication date is the date from which the ebook will be visible and can be ordered in the stores;
  • The Sale Start Date will be the ebook's official release date.

The pre-sale period was therefore from the Publication Date to the Sale Start Date. Those who buy the book during the pre-sale period will be able to download it starting from the official release date of the book (Sale start date).


  • Presale is currently only handled by the Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google and Barnes & Noble stores.
  • You will be able to set a Sales Start Date in the future with a maximum interval of 9 months.
  • In the event that you have set the presale without uploading the ebook file, you will have to add it more or less 2/3 working days before the book is released (to give time to all the said stores to process the file correctly), otherwise the stores will deactivate the ebook or they will extend the presale period.

About the stores:

  • Kobo. If you set up the presale without uploading the ePub file right away, you need to notify the store for it to be visible on Kobo. In that case, then write to, we will take care of forwarding the request to the Kobo team. This store does not support the presale of free items. If you change the price in advance, Kobo will honor the price that was in effect when the customer bought/ordered the book. Please upload the ePub file 2/3 days before the sale start date. If this does not happen, the sale start date will automatically shift.
  • Google Play Store. To activate the presale on this store, you must always upload the ePub file when activating the presale. This store does not support the presale of free items.

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