MetAlice Service

What is the MetAlice service? 

MetAlice is a service provided by Informazioni Editoriali, specifically designed for Italian publishers. It focuses on the data management of printed editions. 

The MetAlice service facilitates an "enriched" distribution of publishers' catalogs to over 1,100 physical and online bookstores, as well as wholesalers, libraries and research institutions that offer market analysis and charts of the best-selling books. In contrast to the free basic metadata distribution, the paid MetAlice service enables the distribution of the following enriched metadata: 
  • Cover
  • Abstract
  • Complete cataloging
  • All responsibilities
  • Detailed product type
  • Edition type
  • Series Sizes
  • Illustrations
  • Text language

The StreetLib offer for publishers 

If you've already activated MetAlice through Informazioni Editoriali or another channel, no further action is required. If you haven't activated the service yet and are interested in doing so, you can take advantage of the current StreetLib offer.  Publishers using the StreetLib platform to integrate their paper book metadata can activate the MetAlice service at the cost of €4.99 + VAT for each new printed publication. This special rate applies regardless of the number of titles in the publisher's catalog and is not contingent on the purchase of any other StreetLib service. In alignment with Informazioni Editoriali, StreetLib will send all metadata via ONIX, ensuring immediate compliance with MetAlice’s requirement from 2024.

How to activate the offer

To join the offer, simply sign the digital contract following the procedure below:
  1. Click on this link to access the contract;
  2. Enter your name and email address, then click on Start Signature Process;
  3. After completing the wizard, you will receive a copy of the signed agreement from both parties. 

How to upload metadata to StreetLib

Once the contract is signed:
  • If you already have an active StreetLib account, you can begin using the integrated platform to create an item record. Enter all the data related to the publication in one go, and StreetLib will handle sending them via the ONIX flow to Informazioni Editoriali/MetAlice.
  • If you don't have an active StreetLib account, start a simple onboarding procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: If I activate MetAlice using StreetLib, do I still have to pay for the subscription to Informazioni Editoriali according to the range provided for my catalog? 
A: No, StreetLib will handle the contract to access the MetAlice service, ensuring that the rates agreed upon between StreetLib and Informazioni Editoriali are honored. There are no additional costs to be paid to Informazioni Editoriali. 
Q: What do I need to do to activate the MetAlice service via StreetLib? 
A: To activate the MetAlice service through StreetLib, follow the procedure outlined above in the "How to activate the offer" section. 
Q: To activate the MetAlice service, do I have to distribute my paper books via StreetLib? 
A: No, the activation of the service is not tied to the distribution service or to the purchase of other services. 
Q: Does the MetAlice service involve ebooks and audiobooks? 
A: No, MetAlice only deals with printed editions. 
Q: If I activate MetAlice through StreetLib, do I always have to register my ISBNs as done so far? 
A: No, once the MetAlice activation procedure via StreetLib is completed, there’s no need to register ISBNs on the ISBN Agency portal or enter additional data on Informazioni Editoriali's portal. Filling in the item record on your StreetLib account will be sufficient and replace the registration process. 
Q: How can I update records of books published before MetAlice? 
A: For records created before MetAlice activation and not in the StreetLib system, updates must be performed with the system originally used. We import the entire catalog into the StreetLib system in the weeks following service activation. If your catalog is not yet in your personal area, contact us at
Q: How do I fill out a record for MetAlice using the StreetLib service? 
A: If StreetLib is already your distributor, create a record as usual and the metadata will automatically be transmitted to MetAlice. 

A: If you are a publisher using StreetLib exclusively for exporting metadata to MetAlice, and not as a distributor, your account will be enabled for "Metadata Only" mode after activating MetAlice (refer to the explanation in the previous paragraph, "How to activate the offer").The following video shows how to upload a new record for MetAlice without paper distribution:

If you still have any doubts or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are more than happy to provide any clarifications you might need.

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