The onboarding process

To complete your registration on StreetLib and start taking advantage of the services available on the platform, you just need to follow a few, simple steps of our onboarding process.

Step 1 - Your StreetLib profile

In the Required Steps section, just click on "Your StreetLib Profile", enter the main information and tell us if you are an author or a publisher:

Step 2 - The payment method

Go back to the onboarding homepage and in the Mandatory Steps section, click to edit "Your Payment method". You can choose from the different payment methods available. You will only need to enter the required data for the selected method. For example, to receive your earnings directly to your Paypal account, you just need to add the email address of your Paypal account, as shown in the image below.

Step 3 - The billing profile

Go back to the onboarding homepage and in the Mandatory Steps section click to edit your "Billing Profile". Complete the steps by adding all necessary information. In Step 4, you will be asked to associate the profile with a payment method; at this point, select the payment method previously created and save the page.

Step 4 - The distribution agreement 

Please carefully read and accept our distribution agreement. This is the last step. On the onboarding page, in the Additional Steps section, click on the section related to the distribution Agreement, and the document will open on your browser, and the button "Accept and confirm" will activate.

You have completed the onboarding process and you can now access the Hub service to start uploading your content! 

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