How to retire a paper book from sale

If you want to retire your paper book from sale, simply access the Hub section of your dashboard and click on Catalog > Items.
Look for the item to be removed from sale using the search tool and click on the title to open the item card. Go to the METADATA section and from the "Availability" drop-down menu select "Not available":

Click the Update button to save the change. The book will be retired from all stores within 10 working days.
You will always be able to use the Print On Demand service even if your book is no longer for sale. In this article we explain how to buy copies of the book directly on HUB.

Retired from sale on Amazon

Even if a book has been retired from the sale, Amazon leaves its product page active. The book will therefore be "unavailable", meaning it will not be possible to print and sell new copies of the book.

Amazon never completely deletes the detail page of the book because it allows the sale of used copies (in case someone who bought your book decides to put it back on Amazon, a possibility provided by the store to users). The presence of the product page on Amazon even if the book has been retired from sale has no effect on the future choices you will make for your book. You can leave it no longer available for new prints, re-distribute it through us with a new updated version, or through a new distributor or publisher, as you prefer.

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