Order printed copies at a discounted price

First of all, you will need to activate the Print service. Once the project approval time has elapsed, the book will be available for printing and shipping to your address or to any address you wish to provide to us.

You will be able to buy copies as many times as you need them, placing your orders even starting from a single copy; in fact, there is no minimum number of copies to complete the order.

You will receive the copies for you at a "discounted" price, because you will only pay the price for printing and shipping.

How to submit the print order

  • Log in to the HUB area of your account
  • Click on Catalog, then on Articles
  • Open your book card
  • Click Order Copies

You will receive the copies in approximately 10 working days (for shipping to Italy) or 15 working days (for shipping abroad) from the date the order is placed.

Attention: the deadlines are always respected, but it is always possible that there are setbacks during the printing and/or shipping phase that do not depend on StreetLib. We, therefore, recommend that you order copies of the books well in advance of any presentation dates.

Multiple orders - Print runs

To avoid additional shipping costs, you can order multiple titles in a single order. The process is very simple:

1. Navigate to the "Print Runs" section in HUB > https://hub.streetlib.com/print_runs

2. Select the titles you want to order and click "Order Copies" for each selected title.

3. After clicking the "Complete Purchase" button, a pop-up message will notify you that a new window is about to open, where you will be redirected. Upon reaching the Totem page, you will discover your pre-filled cart in the Hub section.

Keep in mind that you can access information on your last 10 orders. For each order, you have the option to:

  • view the courier tracking page
  • repeat the order by directly opening the page containing the items in the cart

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