Invoices and detailed reports

You can download your invoices and sales analytics report (which shows details, such as the number of units sold, the library where they were sold, the territory, the currency, and so on) at any time.

From the section Billing Your invoices click on the stripe corresponding to the invoice you are interested in, the invoice page will open.

To download the analytical report of sales, click on the three dot menu on your upper right and choose the format you prefer (you can choose between PDF, CSV and XLSX).

NB: you'll only see an invoice for the months or quarters where you reached the minimum threshold (and will thus receive payment).

For better data analysis and management, especially in cases where the invoice contains many sales, we recommend downloading the excel format, to which it will be possible to apply useful filters to search for specific data.

The timeline at the very beginning will help you date back and check that nothing has been left half done.

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