Why your eBook is still not on Amazon/Apple/Google Play

Online bookstores, especially the bigger ones such as Amazon and Apple, have their own eBook guidelines and perform in-depth checks on content published on their platforms.


- Apple and Amazon:

To see if there are any issues with your books on Apple or Amazon, go to the Publish app then
Reporting > Feedback Ebook Store.


There are two types of reports:

  1. Warnings — these do not remove your book from sale
  2. Errors - these remove your book from sale.

You can filter reports , will be able to filter the reports by date, ISBN or type of alert (warning or error).
If this page is blank, that means all your books meet the guidelines.
We recommend you fix both types of reports as soon as possible. Once you have done so, you can upload the corrected file as shown here.

Here are some of the most common warnings and errors:

  • The price you have set for Apple is invalid. Books under €10 must end in .49 or .99, and over €10 must end in .99
  • Your file contains images over Apple's 4 megapixel limit
  • Your eBook has no table of contents, needed for both Amazon and Apple
  • Your book contains links to a competitor's bookstore or the price of the book, which is forbidden by Apple and Amazon
  • The cover has a side smaller than 1400 pixels. We advise you enter a cover of at least 1875x2500 pixels so that it fits all our partner stores' requirements
  • You have images in CMYK instead of RGB (Apple only accepts RGB, which is a better choice for digital images).


- Google Play: 

If your book is still not on Google Play, there are different potential explanations:

  • Your book is marked as being in the public domain. Google Play does not sell books that are in the public domain. Here are their content policies. You can read our help article for more information about Public Domain books.
    If you accidentally reported that your book is in the public domain, follow our instructions to edit its information and select “no” in the "Public domain" field.
  • If you have already sold your book on Google Play prior to using StreetLib— either directly or with another distribution platform — then Google will not sell the version published with StreetLib as it does not accept duplicates.
  • Your eBook contains an image whose width or height is larger than 3200 pixels.
  • Ensure you have done all the necessary steps to activate distribution on Google Play.

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