Update files and metadata

Go to the Hub section of your dashboard and click on Catalog > Items, search for the eBook to be updated using the search tool and click on the title to open the article card.
At this point, click on:

  • the METADATA section if you need to update the file's metadata (synopsis, categories, etc.)
  • ASSETS to update ePub and / or cover files
  • DISTRIBUTION if you intend to make changes to the price or to the libraries authorized to sell your book.

Once you have completed the editing, click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save. The stores will update the ebook within 24-72 hours.


Amazon: update the file in the indicated time but not the preview, which takes 7-10 days to be updated.
Apple: due to additional checks on files and content, iBooks updates may take 3 to 5 business days.

ATTENTION: the ISBN field cannot be changed. If you need to update the ISBN of one of your books, please remove it from sale and proceed with a new publication indicating the correct ISBN.

How to update multiple books at the same time?

If you need to deactivate multiple books at the same time, write to support@streetlib.com.

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