Publishing Free Ebooks

When publishing a book with StreetLib, you can set the book price at $0.


You can also customize the price and set the book at $0 for a specific store and currency
(keep in mind Amazon applies a matching price policy which means they will readapt the price you originally set to match the lowest price available online).

A note about Amazon: be aware that books published by indie publishers can’t be priced at zero, meaning books priced under $0.99 on StreetLib will actually be priced at $0.99 on Amazon. Please refer to this article

Remember that you can reduce or increase your book price whenever you want. You just need to go into the ebook's publishing page and modify it there.

There are different reasons to give out a book for free. Basically, it’s good to offer a book for free for a very specific time-frame or as extra content in your promotion.

The most common cases:

  • If you are releasing a second volume of a book series, maybe the 1st one could become available for free on the first launching days of the second.
  • You could use some pages of a book as a teaser before it’s launched and publish those as a small eBook for free.
  • The free content supports a book sold normally: a short story about a character present in a novel, a poetry book that could be written by a character, etc.

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