Read eBooks on a Kindle device

The format compatible with the Kindle is mobi, while ePub, the standard format for eBooks, is not compatible with Kindle devices.
Some books are already available in mobi on StreetLib Store, you can check it from the product page. Next to the cover you will find the available formats to choose from:

If the Kindle mobi format is available, click on the "mobi" button before adding the book to your cart.
If, on the other hand, a book you want to buy is only available in ePub or PDF, pay attention to the protection present:

  • if the ebook is protected by DRM it cannot be read in any way on Kindle
  • if it has no protection it can, once purchased and downloaded, be converted into mobi through the free Caliber program, to be installed on the computer.

To transfer a mobi file from your computer to your Kindle, there are various alternatives, we recommend two:

allows you to open the mobi file, and, once the Kindle is connected to the computer, it recognizes the device and allows you to transfer the file to the reader by clicking on the appropriate "Send to device" button;

once installed, just register it with your Kindle account, select the file to send to the Kindle and confirm.

Once the Kindle is turned on, simply activate the wi-fi for synchronization to find the content in the player.

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