Read a DRM-protected eBook

The Adobe DRM is a protection against piracy that some publishers decide to apply to their eBooks. If an eBook is DRM protected, you'll first receive a .acsm file when you download it. it's your "personal Key" to access the book in the format you purchased.

The DRM protected ebooks can be read in a maximum of 6 devices with the same Adobe ID. DRM protected eBooks can't be printed, copied and/or edited. They are also incompatible with Kindle devices and apps.
Here are the instructions to follow to open properly your DRM protected eBook on different devices:

On a computer

- If you don't have one yet, create your Adobe ID on this page
The Account ID will give you access to the personal Adobe account you need to read eBooks with DRMs on various devices. The username is your email address and you choose the password. Be sure to save these credentials somewhere to avoid any future difficulty. 

/!\ Do not open a DRM protected book before getting an Adobe ID. A book opened on a "non-authorized device" may not be readable on any device afterward.

- Download and Install the free software Adobe Digital Editions and get your computer authorized with the Adobe ID you created.

If this operation is not required when you launch the software, you can add your computer this way: open the software, click on "Help" on top, click on "Activate computer" where you'll be able to add your computer to authorized devices.

- Drag the .acsm file onto the Adobe Digital Editions window. You'll then be able to load and open your full eBook in the format you ordered.

The file will be saved - if not set manually otherwise - in the folder "My digital Editions" inside your documents' folder.

On an iPad

Install the free application Bluefire Reader and authorize it with your Adobe ID.

On Android devices

You can use the free app Bookari or the Adobe Digital Editions application. Here too, you must add your device to the authorized device via your Adobe ID before you open the eBook. 

If you forgot your password, you can get it back clicking on "forgot password?" going to clicking on "sign in".

As you can see, reading an Adobe DRM-protected eBook is not a walk in the park, this is why we are not big fans of those and, if you are actually an eBook publisher, we actually recommend using a watermark to protect eBooks instead of a hard DRM.

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