Managing different publishers (and pen-names)

Upon registration, you are asked to complete your profile by indicating:

  • Your pen-name, if you are a self-publisher
  • Your company name, if you are a publisher

The information entered in this field will be associated by default to the "Imprint" field in the cards of your catalog items.

Manage different pen-names or editorial brands

You can also manage multiple pen-names or editorial brands at the same time in the dedicated section of the distribution app.

  • To access the management of your catalog click on Hub
  • Then click on Catalog > Imprints
  • Finally, click on the "New Imprint" button at the top right

You will reach for this form:

  • Add the pen-name / editorial brand in the "Name" field. Enter your Google collection code only if you already have one, otherwise, ask for information about our Customer Care service.
  • Click on "CREATE" to complete the operation. Once the imprint has been created, you can select it in the drop-down menu of the appropriate imprint field of the article page and when publishing your eBook.

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