Protect your eBook

Two types of protection

If you want to protect your book, you have two choices:

  • Adobe DRM (€0,25 for each order): Adobe's protection prevents anyone who purchases the book from print and copying/pasting the text. It requires the reader to register an Adobe account and restricts access to a maximum of 6 devices (all of which must be named on the same Adobe ID account).

  • Social DRM (Watermark) (free): Also known as soft DRM, this is a form of non-invasive protection. The book contains the name and/or email of the person who bought the book (or other information if you wish). This way, you can trace any pirated copies back to the original buyer.  In addition to being present on the last page of the eBook, the watermark is hidden in every page. A watermarked eBook can be read on all eReaders, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

We are personally not fans of DRM for several reasons.

How to apply protection

You will be able to choose which protection to apply to your eBook during the publishing process.



  • By selecting Adobe Content Server 4, Adobe DRM is applied. You must set its reading, copy and print permissions (how many devices, which ones, and for how long).

  • By selecting Watermark, an Ex Libris digital graphic is applied to the book. Publish offers a standard, but you can also upload your own custom watermark (768x1024 px maximum). Simply click on Management > Watermark in the Publish app. 



We suggest using a a Watermark (also called soft DRM). Here is how to create one on StreetLib Publish:


Bookstore-specific protection

All but some of the libraries will keep the form of protection you choose. The likes of Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google will take the file and apply their own preferred protection. This allows them to limit books bought on their stores to their own proprietary apps or devices.

Amazon and Apple use their own types of protection, and Google uses Adobe DRM.

As for Kobo, the purchased file comes in the .kePub format (with Kobo’s own protection). This can be read on the Kera and Kobo apps. Kobo also offers the possibility to download the file as .acsm with Adobe DRM.

The same is true if you buy an eBook from one of the stores managed by platform — whose distribution network is part of IBS.



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