The audiobook publishing procedure


To proceed with the publication of a new audiobook, you can read this complete guide or watch a video prepared for you - in the video we talk about ebooks, but the steps are identical for both formats:

Otherwise, here is a step-by-step explanation:
First, access your Dashboard and click on "Add Content" at the top right. Then click on Upload your content:
You will be automatically transferred to the HUB platform from which you can upload your files including the technical specifications required.
Let's look at the step-by-step process, together:
1. Once you have landed on HUB, click at the top left on "catalog" - "articles" or on the shortcut "Add Audiobook" which will direct you to the dedicated page:
2. If you are coming from "Catalog", click on "New article", at the top right; if you were directed through a link, skip forward to point number 4:
3. Select the format of the new content (already selected if you have proceeded from the shortcut in HUB):
4. Choose whether to use a StreetLib or a proprietary ISBN. You can also decide not to assign any code to your product, but this could affect sales, as we have explained here.
5. Fill in the section dedicated to metadata following the procedure on the site. The fields marked with a star are mandatory but we always recommend filling all of them out, for completeness and accuracy. Remember to indicate if your title is in public domain or not and whether your audiobook contains adult material. If you are in doubt about the BISAC category to choose from, try taking a look here.
6. Finally, fill out content and distribution section. Remember to follow the technical specifications indicated in this article.
7. Now you can relax! Your audiobook will be automatically sent to a group of professionals who will review it in order to validate it or reject it (with suggestions).
 Don't worry, if there is something inaccurate, we are here to let you know, and help you to solve it: your success is ours!

How to fill out the article card?

As you may have seen in the video, during the publishing phase you will be asked to fill in some fields containing information about the book that will be then transmitted to bookshops.
Please Note: It is recommended to enter the author with *Surname, First name* avoiding the use of symbols, numbers, nicknames, codes, or series of characters that might result in the rejection of the book.
Additionally, you will add Title, Year of edition, Synopsis, Categories, Date of publication, etc. Make sure to remember it is very important that this information is correct:
  • User rights: you will indicate whether or not you are the author of the book you are publishing
  • Public domain: you will indicate whether the book is copyrighted or not (Read more here)
  • Synopsis: you must provide an accurate and complete description of your book that should not repeat what is already stated in the metadata Also, make sure to avoid unnecessary information, such as references to discounts and offers.
  • Keywords: you will indicate the keywords related to the content of your book that will affect online visibility and rankings. Please Note: Amazon Kindle accepts a limit of 7 keywords, so we suggest you keep your keywords within this threshold. On HUB, you can also enter a presale (read more on this article).

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