How does Dreame work?

Dreame is a mobile reading app designed for women, widespread mainly in South Asia that aims to promote content and reading of FICTION genres in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French, Portuguese, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Nordic languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish), Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean. 

The distribution model for "episodes"

The distribution model is arranged using " episodes" which are created from an entire work, creating purchasable chapters.

Joining Dreame will mean providing authorization to distribute your book in parts/chapters (episodes) which the reader can unlock as they wish with virtual coins.
Usually, 1000 words correspond to an episode. The Dreame format does not allow the ability to purchase and download the entire ebook, you can only purchase and read one episode at a time.

How are your earnings calculated? 

Dreame users can access content by spending internal "coins". $ 1.00 (dollar) = 100 coins. With one coin, a reader can access 100 words of a chosen book, so with $ 1.00 a reader can unlock a 10,000 words story. Dreame allows you to read up to 10% of a book for free. Therefore, a book with 50,000 words, for example, has a selling price as low as $ 4.50 (or 45,000 words/10,000) - excluding the preview.

Dreame allocates 30% of the selling price to the author, calculated as explained above, upon which StreetLib will apply its commission.

Why are my titles not on Dreame?

Books usually be unpublished for the reasons below:

  1. They've less than 30,000 words
  2. They've contents inappropriate, usually contents of sex, political intention, religion intention, violence
  3. They're repeated books
  4. They contein information leading to other APP or website (including authors' websites)
  5. The cover image is missing because it's not in the resolution 700 x 1000.(700 pixels wide and 1000 pixels long).

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