How to update an audiobook after publishing

Go to the Hub section of your dashboard click on Catalog - Items and search for the article to be updated using the search bar, then click on the title to open the article tab. 
Now click on:
  • METADATA, if you need to update the file's metadata (synopsis, categories, etc.)
  • CONTENT to update mp3 files and/or audiobook cover
  • DISTRIBUTION if you intend to change the price or the bookshops enabled to sell your audiobook.
Once completed, click the button Update at the bottom of the page and save.
WARNING: You cannot change the ISBN field. If you need to update the ISBN of one of your audiobooks, we encourage you to remove the title from the sale and add a new publication indicating the correct ISBN.  
How to update multiple audiobooks at onceIf you need to update several books at once, write to

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