Profits from paper book sales

Conditions for each sale, on the cover price excluding VAT:
  • The sales commission ranges from 25% to 51% depending on the distribution channel;
  • StreetLib retains 10% for distribution;
  • a portion is retained to cover the printing costs of each copy sold;
  • all the rest that remains is your profit.
To get an idea of printing costs and earnings based on the characteristics of your book, you can use our calculator.
You will just need to indicate the number of black and white or color pages (if any) of the PDF to print, and the cover price of the book; the Calculator will tell you how much you will earn with each sale.
Here is an example:
Your book has a printing format of 148x210 mm, the pages are in black and white, with white paper and a glossy cover. There are 200 pages in total and the cover price you want to set is 9.99 €.
By clicking on “calculate costs”, our calculator will show you the printing cost and earnings depending on the distribution channel.

For example, if a reader buys a copy of the book in the IBS store, your net earnings will be 1.62 €.

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