The eBook Preview

Capturing the attention of a potential reader is not always easy - you need to stand out in an increasingly dense network of interesting titles and engaging covers.
In addition to all that, the eBook preview plays a fundamental role, being an excerpt,  a taste of what your book will be about.

How is the preview generated on international stores?

International stores such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and Google automatically generate the preview from a book file.

Previews that are generated automatically by international stores  do not exceed 20% of the book, and for Google Books, 20% does not include cover, prefaces, or acknowledgments. As a result, the content that is previewed on the platform, regardless of the number of chapters it contains, is related to the aforementioned percentage.

As for Google Play Books, the available content is set at 10%.

To sum up, the standard default preview is 20%, so any reader can consult the book until they have seen 20% of its pages, but they won’t be able to see the remaining content.

Google Books and Google Play Books previews work in a combined way: the preview is called " dynamic" since the user is tracked from both platforms when consulting books. This means that, if a user views the entire 20% of a book during his first consultation on Google Play Books he will not be able to see pages other than those already seen when accessing them from Google Books. If a user starts browsing a book from Google Books, half of the allotted fee will be set aside so he'll always have a free sample available on Google Play.

We are always working to improve the functionality of our platform, which is why you'll soon be able to independently manage your eBook preview on other stores.

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