How to add and manage images in my ePub

Add images

To add an image to your ebook, you just have to:

- on the navigation sidebar, click at the bottom center on "Images";

- click on "Add";

- select the image from your computer;

Once you add the image to your “images” archive, you can insert it within the text, dragging it inside the text editor where you want it to be.

You can insert images both in jpg and png format, but we recommend working with the jpg format. 

Image size: you can insert images of any size. If you insert an image that exceeds 2.9 MPx, StreetLib Write will resize the image to 2.9 MPx to avoid distribution problems in stores when you publish the book.

Add alt tags

With an eye to the increasing attention towards the accessibility of digital content, the updated version of Write allows you to add alternative text for images, colloquially referred to as Alt tags, with any subscription plan. The image alt tag is a set of words that will be added to the HTML code to describe the appearance and purpose of a graphic element (chart, image, photo, etc.) in that specific context. Alt tags will appear in place of an image if it cannot be displayed, therefore, they can also help screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired or blind readers. In addition, search engines use alt tags to index images, so they can be optimized to positively affect online rankings.
You can use Write to add tags to the photos in your e-publication doing right click on each image and adding them in the dedicated bar:

Resizing images

In case you want to resize the image to be inserted in the book, you can do it in two ways:


1) resizing the image externally with a special editor before inserting it in StreetLib Write. Following this criterion, the final epub file will also have optimized weight.

2) resizing the image after entering it in StreetLib Write, choosing either:

a) click on the image with the right mouse button to change its settings, or

b) click on the image with the left button to resize it manually.

If you chose "a", a dialog box will appear and it will be possible to set:

1) the position of the image: full page or floating

2) its size: reduced in percentage compared to those of the original file uploaded

3) the alignment of its caption: left, center or right.           

Please note: using the graph resize as a percentage (%) the image file inserted in StreetLib Write keeps its original size and weight, and only the display size changes.

Please remember that in the reflowable epub, the concept of page doesn't exist, the epub is a single continuous flow that adapts to the device on which it's displayed. For this reason, there is no way to force an image to be on the same "page" as the text that precedes or follows it. You can resize the image, as we said, but this doesn't guarantee the image will be on the same "page" that you see in StreetLib Write. If, for example, someone who reads your book increases the font size in their reading device, the pagination changes and the image may slip into the next "page". It doesn't have a fixed position.

Deleting images

If you want to delete an image that you have inserted in StreetLib Write, click on "images", hover your cursor over the image and click on the cross that appears at the top right of the image.

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