The contents into which you can split reflowable ebooks

A book created with SL Write consists of parts, sections, and chapters. Each of these contents is characterized by a title, a possible subtitle, and of course by the body of the text.


The part can be used to group sections or chapters. For each part, a reference is created in the index (lemma), where the “Title” field of the part will be added. Sections or chapters created within each part will be grouped and will also be shown in the index.


The section can be used to group chapters. For each section a reference is created in the index, where the “Title” field of the section will be added. The chapters created within a part will be grouped and will also be shown in the index.


The chapter is normally used to insert text. For each chapter a reference is created in the index, where the chapter “Title” field will be added. You can type the contents of the whole chapter directly in the text input field or copy and paste the text from your own word processing, whether it be Word, Open Office, or any other. You can add to chapters of sub-chapters.

Colophon and thanks

Extra content is also provided, namely the Colophon and Thanks:

Everything that does not fall under the “Colophon” and “Thanks” must be managed using the chapters.  For example, if you have to insert a dedication, a prologue, or an introduction, you will have to create a chapter of your own, entitled as appropriate "prologue", "introduction", etc., placing it where required according to the structure of the work.

Index and title page

Index and title page (author name + title) are automatically generated by SL Write when exporting to the ePub, so they should not be inserted. The index is generated according to standard guidelines, allowing the reader to move easily from one chapter to another. There are no page numbers in the index, nor throughout the book - the concept of a page does not exist in the ePub reflowable; it’s a single continuous flow that adapts to the device on which it's displayed. The number of pages and how they are displayed depends on the device you are using and the reading preferences that are set there. For more details on the ebook Index click here.

The book map

From the side navigation bar on the left, you can access the book map, which allows you to have an overview of all the contents inserted, which you can move by dragging them with the mouse, and enter the details of each one with a simple click.

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