How to share a book and add or remove a contributor

Once you create a book project, you can link other accounts to it as "Collaborators" so that more people can work simultaneously on the creation of the same book.

Attention: to add a collaborator, you need to have a StreetLib account

How to add a contributor

To add one or more collaborators to a book project, first you need to access the project:

  • then click on "Article tab" > "Actions"
  • click on "Share Book"

at that point you can decide to:

  • add collaborators directly to your project by indicating their email address (if associated with a StreetLib account)
  • generate a shareable link

The Book Sharing feature is also accessible from the preview of your project in your Write home:

How to remove a contributor

Similarly, removing a collaborator is also very simple. From the Write project select " book detail", then select "more information" and click "Remove".

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