Completing our Tax Information Interview

To get paid by StreetLib USA, you need to provide us with the relevant document requested by the US tax authorities:

  • If you are a United States taxpayer: a W9
  • If you live outside United States: a W8-BEN (individual) or W8-BEN-E (company).*

Complete our Tax Information Interview, available via your “Billing” page, to provide us with the correct documentation. Just click on "create new":

After following all the steps and reviewing all the information, you can digitally sign the document and certify what you have provided.

We are obligated to provide the IRS with a new document every year. We will therefore send you a notification when you need to complete the Tax Interview again.

*If you live outside the United States, US tax authorities take 30% of your revenues by default. However, depending on your country of residence and specific status, you may be entitled to a reduced withholding tax. As a taxpayer, it’s your responsibility to choose and justify which percentage you’re subject to. We’ll apply the percentage you indicate. Here is the list of Tax Conventions based on your country of residence.

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