Withholding tax

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First of all, you may want a definition of what a withholding tax is about Withholding tax.

  • If you're living in the  United States and Canada, you're going to be paid by StreetLib USA Inc. (American company). The details about your withholding tax are explained in a separate article;
  • If you're living in Italy, you're going to be paid by StreetLib SRL (Italian company), and we won't have to apply any withholding tax from your royalties;
  • If you're living elsewhere, you're going to be paid by StreetLib SRL (Italian company) and we will have to apply a 30% withholding tax in accordance with international law.

In the third case, you may be entitled to a reduced withholding tax. This will depend on the international treaties between Italy and your country of residence.

You can find out if you're eligible for a reduced rate by looking at the table below. If so, you simply have to provide us with a certificate of residence. For example, we take a 30% withholding tax from the royalties of authors from Holland, but if they provide us the certificate we can apply the reduced amount of 5%.

Country Withholding Tax Withholding Tax
  without certificate with certificate
 Albania     30%  5%
Argentina 30% 10%
Australia 30% 10% 
Austria 30% 0% 
Belgium 30% 5%
Brazil 30% 15% 
Croatia 30% 5%
Czech Republic 30% 5%
Denmark 30%


Egypt 30% 15% 
Finland 30% 0% 
France 30%


Germany 30% 


Greece 30% 0%
Holland 30%


Hong Kong 30% 

no agreement 

Hungary 30% 0% 
India 30% 20% 
Indonesia 30% 15%
Ireland 30% 


Japan 30% 10%
Malaysia 30% 15%
Malta 30%  0%  
Morocco 30%  5% 
Mexico 30% 0% 
New Zeland 30% 10% of 100%
Pakistan 30% of 75% (or 60%)  30% of 75% (or 60%)
Nigeria 30%

 no agreement

Norwegian 30%


Poland 30%  10% 
Portugal 30%


Romania 30%


Saudi Arabia 30% 10% 


30% 10%
Slovenia 30% 5% 
Spain 30% 4% 
Sweden 30% 5% 
Switzerland 30% 5% 
Turkey 30%  10% 
UK 30% 8%

StreetLib will automatically apply this withholding tax to the invoices generated for you.

To find out what withholding tax is being applied, simply visit your StreetLib Dashboard, then click on Sales -> Invoicing and look at your invoices:



  • Without the necessary certificate of residence, we apply the full withholding tax.
  • Once you have received this certificate from your Tax Authority, please scan it and send it as a PDF to support@streetlib.com using the following subject "Certificate of Residence of (your name)".
  • If we don’t receive any certificate by the end of the quarter, we will proceed with the automatic billing of your income applying the standard withholding tax.
  • Once the certificate is sent to StreetLib, it's all sorted. You don't have to send it again, and we won't bother you again with that.


Here are a few links to the certificate you must request from your country's tax authority:

  • France: Click here to download the template
  • Germany: Click here to download the template
  • Turkey: Click here to download the template (you can also go to local offices)
  • Denmark: you can get the certificate of residence here
  • Norway: you can get the certificate of residence here.

If you are living in another country and have a direct link to the form, it'd be extremely helpful if you can send us that link! Many thanks :)

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