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You can create your account by immediately clicking on the Sign Up button also visible on the home page of our site:

You can then complete your account by following the onboarding wizard. Warning: this is a very important step, without which you will not be able to start distributing your books.


  • You must enter your real personal data, even if you will publish your books under a pseudonym (pen-name). Your real name will not be made public in any way
  • If the books to be published are the result of several authors, only one must register. The payment of the earnings from the sales of the works will be paid to the registered person, and the division between the authors of the earnings will be managed by the authors themselves, in a completely independent way by StreetLib.

Choose your plan

In StreetLib, authors and publishers located internationally (outside of Italy and Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are subject to our membership plans. The reason why is that our goal, at StreetLib, is to create the ultimate cloud-based digital publishing platform. To do that, we are investing in technology to make it as easy for publishers of any size to publish books worldwide.

Here's how the new paid membership tiers are set up:

  1. SL Free plan

Everyone is welcome to join StreetLib for free, with zero upfront or ongoing fees. This free membership allows authors and publishers to upload up to 10 ebooks. However, it does not include the option for audio or print books and offers access to a select few distribution partners, excluding big stores like Amazon, B&N, Scribd, and others. Free users would receive 70% royalty on the net proceeds according to our standard agreement. 

  1. SL Pro plan

This membership tier is available for $29/month and offers authors and publishers the access to our "wide network" for distributing ebooks and audiobooks, including all big stores. Additionally, it includes a subscription to Write (Unlimited plan), opportunities for retail promotions, batch upload capabilities, and access to the Circle community. Plus, members enjoy a more favorable commission rate, retaining 80% of net earnings.

  1. SL Concierge Service plan

This membership tier is available for $49/month and offers  all the benefits included within the SL Pro plan plus an extra level of support, like high priority support, a guided setup of the StreetLib account and 1:1 meeting with a StreetLib publishing expert.

  1. SL for Publishers

This tier is tailored for publishing houses generating over $1,000/month in digital sales, offering them the opportunity to using the StreetLib platform  with a more favorable commission rate. These "managed" publishers will benefit from personalized negotiations to establish a custom agreement that best suits their needs.

As you know, StreetLib has historically avoided upfront costs, making this roll-out of our new paid membership plans a significant evolution for us. This shift in strategy and positioning is the result of months of research, internal brainstorming, and discussions with a lot of stakeholders. We are confident that this direction is the optimal path forward given the current landscape.

To find out more about this introduction, have a look at our community announcement here.

Change or delete your account

You can make changes to the data entered or update your account password at any time. To do this, you will need to log in and click on the image with your avatar at the top right and then on "Profile":

To delete your account contact us at we will provide you with all the information you need to proceed.

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