StreetLib Content Integrity Guidelines

StreetLib offers a cloud publishing platform for producing, managing and distributing ebooks, audiobooks and POD-books through a network of more than 50 retailers.

We serve both self-publishers (or indie-authors) and small-medium-big/corporate publishers from any country around the world. We work with a wide variety of publishers: from academic and scientific to trade, from digital comics and graphic novels to audiobook and podcasts.

StreetLib is a tech-book company: we are technologists and we are building the best possible technological platforms to support and empower books publishers of any kind and from anywhere.

Furthermore, StreetLib has a revenue-share based business model, with no-upfront nor recurring costs, and this makes StreetLib one of the most indie-friendly cloud publishing platforms and distribution services out there.

As stated in the StreetLib Distribution Agreement, paragraph 11.3, we do not tolerate:

  1. content, data or information that are illegal or contrary to personal data regulation, good morals and/or public order.
  2. ebooks that contain pornography, child pornography and/or in any case contents which are obscene, defamatory or abusive, or contents that are discriminatory or offensive in relation to religions, race, gender or nationalities or offensive to third parties in general.

Even though we make our content policy very clear on our website and in our distribution agreement, over time we've been forced to manage an increasing number of "bad actors" (or spammers) that have been taking advantage of our easy-to-use service to publish and distribute masses of low-quality content (mainly ebooks).

This problem harms ebooks consumers and affects the reputation of our publishers and retail and library partners. It also feeds a growing bias against independently published works, which we rather think is extremely important to support. We definitely want to solve this problem.

We believe that putting the StreetLib Content Integrity Guidelines in place and making them publicly available is the best way to address the issue.

The criteria below describe the types of content that StreetLib may block, either automatically or with the intervention of our Content Management Team:

1 -- Content with invalid ISBN codes. Please note that the ISBN code must be purchased and registered by the national ISBN agency of your country: every ISBN not registered by the national ISBN agency and/or obtained by a no-official ISBN generator will be rejected.

2 -- Books or content you cannot document your rights upon request, like non-original contents or contents available online and replicable without limitation (PRL contents, e.g.).

3 -- Books or content that mimic popular titles, with similar covers, cover design, title, author names, or similar type content.

4 -- Books with misleading content or that are likely to cause confusion to the buyer, i.e. books with inaccurate descriptions or cover art.

5 -- Books created using artificial intelligence or automated processes.

We reserve the right to remove content that fits the above criteria without prior notice to the publisher.

We're fully committed to improving our system and to supporting our publishing community for the better, and we're determined to fight against bad actors who want to take advantage of our technology and harm consumers and readers.

The StreetLib Content Integrity Guidelines is a work in progress and we believe we need to do our best to keep them up to date and to enforce them to make the publishing world a better place.

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