Google Play distribution

You must activate a Google Partner account to sell your ebooks on Google Play. To do so, simply write to, and we'll take care of everything.

(It's not needed for audiobooks).


Once activated your Google Partner account, you will be assigned a Google codeadd your Google code in Management>Publishers.

This code is very important:
you can create as many publishers as you want in StreetLib Publish, but remember to add your Google code to each one. This ensures all the books you want to sell on Google Play will be available on the store.  
Here is how to add your Google code to a new publisher:




- Google Play does not sell books that are in the public domain.

- Be aware that publishers in certain countries cannot sell books on Google Play. Their books will be displayed on Google Books, but will not be available to buy.
*Here is an overview of how Google Play currently handles worldwide distribution:

That’s all regarding Google Play distribution.

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