Customize a graphic theme

StreetLib Write provides you with ready-made graphic themes to apply to your book.

Each graphic theme has specific characteristics in terms of fonts, chapter styles, text alignment and so on, and is designed for a specific literary genre (for example, you can find Academic or Biographical themes, those for Fiction or Non-fiction or for the detective genre, etc.).

Here are some of the most used themes:

Leopardi (the default theme)

On this page, you can find all the other themes available in Write.

If you have special needs and know the CSS language, Write gives you the possibility to intervene directly on the code.

Here's how to do it:

After making sure that your plan on Write is Premium or Unlimited, from the content editor of your book or from the Book Tab click on "Theme"

You can then either click on "Create Theme" or "Customize" on the theme you activated, you'll give a name to your customized theme and then enter an editor where each part of the different CSS files will be customizable:

You can then start working on the CSS code, getting the right text block opened on the HTML editor by simply clicking on it (on the left bar).

You'll be able to modify each specification of the said text block (size, font, etc.) with suggestions to help you "talk the right language". If for instance you'd like the section title to be centered instead of aligned right, you'd:

  • click on the block "section title",
  • see the right lines of codes appear on the editor,
  • make them editable by removing /* and */ on top and bottom of the paragraph
  • and change as wished

To make sure you create a clean CSS file you should have a minimum knowledge of the language, a bit of research online for each element you wish to change can be enough.

You can remove from the editor the parts you do not wish to change but make sure to keep the full line about your change (e.g. you could keep only "text-align: right;" and change "right" it to "center").

Clicking on the related tabs on the bottom of the left bar, you'll be able to act on the CSS files of the Contents, Title, Table of Content and PDF for print.

Once your personal theme is ready, you'll need to activate it to have it applied to your book

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