Customize the editor

You can easily customize how the StreetLib Write editor handles your text.

To change its settings, you must first expand the toolbar above the text box and then click on the cog icon:


These can be particularly useful for PDF conversion. Here is what each setting does in more detail:

1) Paste plain text

By choosing this option, any text that you copy and paste will have all it's original formatting and styling removed.

This will help you get a clean source code and will avoid bad surprises in your final file. However, please be aware that this option involves a reproduction of all the style and formatting decision you want to make in the StreetLib Write editor, including the line and page breaks.
Considering this, to proceed in the most efficient way, we advise you to paste your text on StreetLib Write NOT in the "preview" mode but the "code" mode. As a matter of fact, this mode will allow you to see all the places where there was a break in the original text; And, still in "code" mode, you will be able to add manually the breaks where needed.

2) Use line breaks (<br>) instead of paragraphs (<p>)

This optioncan be activated when you only want line breaks to appear on the text, without further formatting.

The <br> tag is an univocal tag which simple indicates where the text should go to the next line.
The <p> tag, on the contrary, has an opening command (<p>) and a closing command (</p>) and may influence the style attributes, integrated in the CSS (defining the theme). Text included between <p> and </p>, can thus be subjected to a specific formatting, depending on the theme you activate.

3) remove empty tags (when generating the book)

if you made a conversion from a PDF file, you probably noticed that, pasting the original file, a series of useless and repetitive codes are pasted, included empty HTML tags, that are opened and immediately closed as such:


By choosing to "remove empty tags", all these HTML tags will automatically disappear in the StreetLib Write editor, creating a less polluted code.

4) Convert div

If this option is activated, StreetLib Write will automatically replace all the <div> tags with <p>.

If this command is activated at the same time as "Use line breaks instead of paragraphs", the result will be the following:

1) all the <div> will be first converted into <p>

2) All the <p> will then be converted into <br>

Which in the end will result in leaving almost only <br> to order line breaks. (not divisions or paragraphs)

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