Printing specifications: paper, cover and binding


Various types of paper are used for the book's inside pages, depending on the color and the weight.

  • Black and White Books:
    white paper: 80 gsm
    cream paper: 70 gsm
  • Color books:
    coated matte paper: 115 gsm
  • Photography books (or books with lots of images):
    Printed on 135 gr. matte coated photo paper, available only on SL Stores and IBS. Photography books sold by Amazon will be printed on standard color paper (115 gr.), currently the only type supported by the store. 


NOTA BENE: Printing technique:

StreetLib uses the most modern and sophisticated digital printing techniques that guarantee high quality at low cost. They work by spraying four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) onto the paper in tiny dots, which are mixed together to create all the color varieties.

Unlike the tradition offset printing, this method means you can order just one single copy at a time. Furthermore, digital printing allows you to print a book anywhere in the world by simply sending the file to a partner print shop.

Each book can thus be printed in multiple locations with different machines. This may therefore result in very slight color differences between books that are printed separately. Nonetheless, they will always be of the highest quality.

The cover is paperback; we do not currently provide for hardback. It will be printed on coated 300 gsm matte or glossy paper. 

It is not possible to order a cover with a dust jacket.


Your book will be professionally bound using PUR binding, the strongest paperback binding available.

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