Buying a book

There is no need to sign in or create an account to purchase a book from StreetLib Store. In just a few click you can get your book in the format you want. Use the search or filters to find the book you want:


Click on "Buy" and in the pop-up window, click on the format you want to purchase:


There enter the email where you want to receive your order, your country and read and accept the terms and privacy conditions and click on next.


You then just need to chose if you'd rather pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer and click or insert the relevant information. Finally click on "Buy"


You'll receive a confirmation email including the link to download your eBook.

To purchase a printed copy of a book

(Only available for countries of the European Union and the United States)

Some books are also available in their printed formats thanks to our Print service. If so, you'll see in the formats available another button for the Paper Book:


Clicking on it, you'll get to the process to buy and receive the printed book at the address of your choice:


Add all your data. Once you add the country, you'll see the delivery conditions and total price.


As said above, some countries are not available for deliveries yet:


We are working our best to find other printing partners to be able to deliver worldwide and at the best conditions possible.

After this step, you'll get to the usual payment step and receive a confirmation email once the purchase complete.


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