How to update the paper book after publication

If you need to update the files or data of your paper book, go to the  Hub section of your dashboard and click on Items Catalog; search for the item to be updated using the search bar and click on the title to open the article tab. 

Then click on: 

  • METADATA - if you need to update the file's metadata (synopsis, categories, etc.);
  • CONTENTS - to update the PDF files of the pages of the book and/or cover;
  • DISTRIBUTION if you want to change the price or to enable/disable the bookstores that can sell your book. 

Once the editing is complete, click the refresh button at the bottom of the page to save changes. 

Please Note:

  • Metadata will be updated on all stores within 7 business days;
  • if the files are updated, the system reworks the project and within 48 working hours, you will be notified to approve your book again. The files will be updated on all channels as soon as you complete your approval, except for Amazon, which can take up to 10 days to replace the files to print.
  • if the edits include changing the printing format, you will have to proceed with the publication of a new item with a different ISBN, because it will be treated as a new edition of the same book. Therefore, the replacement of the printing files is only possible when the format remains unchanged.
  • if you need to change some characteristics such as the type of paper or the finish of the cover and need more information, write us at

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