Paperback distribution: how long it takes

Once you add a PRINT request, and if everything appears to be correct, you'll only need to wait for the retailers to put up the book on their websites. Here is their respective timetables:

  • On StreetLib Stores, the printed book will be available for sale within 48 hours.
  • On IBS, La Feltrinelli, Libreria Universitaria and Webster, the printed book will be available for sale within 10 working days.
  • On Amazon, the verification of the file for print on Amazon's side takes a bit more time. Please count an average 2 weeks after your Stamp Of Approval before it's on sale there.

You'll be able to monitor the availability of your book on each store from your projects in the PRINT app where you'll see a table with the publication status for each store. 

If your book is marked as available, you can look for it directly on Amazon. You'll access to the product page and see it marked as available on Paperback.

Nota Bene: During the file synchronisation, you may see the note "not available" on the page on Amazon. Don't worry, It's only a matter of file management that will be sorted in the following week or so; If, after a week, the book still appears as not available, don't hesitate to write to us.


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