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I already have a cover: what features should it comply with?

Lucia Zitelli -

- The cover has to contain the title and the author's name.

- You must provide the cover within the ebook file uploaded, according to these resolution: 600x800 pixels.

- Also, you have to upload an outer cover in a .jpg file according to the following resolution (otherwise the book might not be accepted by some stores, particularly international ones such as Amazon and iBookstore): 1875x2500 pixels.

- The cover shall not show pornographic images.

- The cover must represent only the "front cover" (in the case of the eBook there is no spine and back cover).

- If you want to insert StreetLib's logo on the cover (optional), you can download it from this article and insert it with a simple picture editor (Gimp or equivalent) as demonstrated in this video.

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