Edit the print cover

You can edit the cover of your printed book directly in Streetlib Write.

Access the cover editor

Simply click on "Edit cover" from the Print Settings page of your book.


If you have several paper versions, you can hover your mouse over the specific version to edit its cover.

Using the editor

The cover editor allows you to edit the back cover, front cover and spine. 

It will automatically include the title and author's name on the front cover, back cover and spine. It will also include the cover picture (taken from the eBook version) on the front cover, and the synopsis on the back cover.

Click on the paintbrush icon to customize each section.



You can directly edit and add text, images and other information by clicking on the "+".  


You can customize the background image, colors and text (usually the title) from the "spine" section of the left side menu.

You cannot change the size of the spine, as this is automatically calculated based on the pdf format, the number of pages and the print specifications. Moreover, if the book has less than 100 pages, you will not be able to add any text as the spine will be too thin.

Save your cover

Once you are happy with your cover, save! You're done :)

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